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All aspects of Transformative Art will be honored and celebrated for the heartfelt experience of the "AHA" moment when transcendence allows the alchemy of Connection to occur.

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Community Arts

Sacred Knowing in Dance, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, and the Visual Arts are all embraced, share and celebrated. Join us as we explore Art as Community with a vision to the Future and as a Well Spring of Collaboration to enrich and sustain Community. The Ancient Knowers sharing around the Sacred Fire and Drawing and Painting under the Cosmic Stars. We celebrate their Knowing. We bring our Loving Hearts into Sacred Space and we Create the New in the Now Moment.

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Transcendence & Transformation as Art

A gathering place for Community to come together and enjoy Art. A Pure Intention to explore and collaborate Art in Community. Become a Member today and join us in creating this New Space for Art.

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Transformative Art

Transformative Art is the lifestyle of change and evolution. Embracing change and always seeking the Creative. It is a heart activity and will always bring you to Sacred Space where the connection to all things lives and thrives.

Living Life can be an Art Form with the Heart ever engaged. Cooking,  gardening, and listing to Opera are examples of lifestyle as art forms. Poetry or Writing from your Heart is an Art Form. Art in Media having taken us on the Journey of the heart in visual delight throughout the Eons of Time. Art is really any aspect of Life that is Joyous. So Art is Joy! Yes it is!

Other good things to weave into this concept are Dance and Music along with any heartfelt aspect of Living Life in Joy.

Join with us as we celebrate a Joyous Life through Art. We call it Dhanur Ved....Art of the Bended Bow. Dhanur Ved is Art that pierces the Heart and Transforms. The Goal leading to the Joy of Self Realization and the Fullness of Life.

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